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Is It Time To Embrace The Paleo Diet?

A Brief Overview of the Paleo Diet. So, what is the Caveman Diet All About?

The History of the Paleo Diet

Here is a brief review of the healthy eating plan otherwise known as “The Caveman Diet”. The Palaeolithic Diet mimics the basic eating habits of our pre-agricultural ancestors that were renowned hunter gatherers. Dr Loren Cordain has written a highly informative book about the paleo diet, and he maintains the foods eaten by our ancestors and foods enjoyed by modern hunter gatherers are conducive to overall good health. Reduce the quantity of high glycemic and processed foods, lower the intake of complex carbohydrates, replace them with sea food, lean meat, fruits and fresh vegetables to optimize health and combat many modern-day health problems.

Paleo diet critics are eager to point out the average hunter gatherer lived a relatively short life and no one can dispute the average caveman was fortunate to reach the age of thirty. However, we must not forget that the ancient cavemen led strenuous lives, infant mortality was high and they were unable to access traditional medicines. However, paleo diet critics often fail to point out that as many as one in five ancient hunter gatherers lived for sixty years or more. So if a significant number of our ancient ancestors survived childhood and avoided adult injury and illness, how do we know they lived to the ripe old age of sixty or more?

Human skeletal remains have been examined closely and findings suggest ancient man was free of many modern day ailments that effect Western society. Evidence suggests heart attacks, cancer and diabetes were uncommon and ancient man was more likely to die as a result of trauma or pneumonia.

The Health Benefits of the Paleo Diet

The diet plan is the ideal way of caring for your health, body and mind. People who embrace the paleo diet eat natural foods as opposed to processed food. Natural foods enhance the well-being and create vitality. Eliminating hi-glycaemic carbohydrates, trans-fatty acids and processed food helps people to lose weight and feel fitter. Many people who follow the paleo diet have astounded the medical profession, as they no longer need the aid of prescription medicines. The diet is completely in tune with the human digestive system; hence the healthy food eaten eradicates the symptoms and heals the ailment naturally.

Mark Sisson’s, creator of the primal lifestyle blog Mark’s Daily Apple, and author of The Primal Blueprint shares many Paleo success stories with his dedicated readers. Followers of the paleo diet have discovered the caveman diet offers truly amazing results. Mark Sisson’s blog is filled with tasty, nutritional recipes that turn calorie laden favorites into paleo friendly meals that everyone can enjoy. The paleo diet works well for so many people because it incorporates nutritious, delicious and affordable food. The diet shuns unhealthy processed and man-made food that we should avoid eating. So, as illustrated above, the concept of the paleo diet is relatively simple.

Foods Included in the Paleo Dietary Plan

Learn the basics of the paleo diet and you will be able to determine the permitted foods and to shop accordingly. The diet eliminates processed food, but there is much more to learn about the caveman diet. Permitted foods include all foodstuffs that can be hunted, gathered or fished, in fact, the types of food eaten by our Palaeolithic ancestors. Basic paleo foods include eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, fruits, roots, berries, meat and fish.

Many find the gluten-free paleo diet a huge challenge. Grain is filled with gluten, so grains are not considered permitted foods. No grains mean no bread, no donuts and definitely no spaghetti. The gluten-free diet may appear harsh and daunting, but the processed grain and harmful wheat have an adverse effect on the human digestive system. Learn the theory behind the paleo diet and you understand why modern man suffers as a result of ingesting grains.


Refined grains such as rye, barley and wheat are packed with gluten and this substance is known to irritate the human gut. If the lining of the gut becomes irritated it can lead become inflamed. Inflammation is the primary cause of many civilized diseases and a relatively small intake of processed food has the power to change the hormonal balance.

Dr William Davis, the author of The Wheat Belly is a certified cardiologist and an advocate of wheat elimination and the paleo diet. Dr Davis feels it is possible to ward off heart disease by eliminating wheat. Do you find it difficult to believe that a qualified heart doctor believes steak is healthier than bread? Anyone who finds this statement hard to accept should stop to consider why a heart specialist is in favour of eliminating wheat.

Inflammation is the main cause of numerous civilized diseases and the ingestion of processed food can have an adverse effect on our hormone levels. An inflammation of the gut can also increase the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) produced within the body. LDL cholesterol otherwise known as bad cholesterol is a direct result of inflammation, so it is easy to determine the link.

what is the paleo diet? (plus how I'm doing it) | Sarah Wilson

The modern man consumes masses of grains, whereas the cavemen ate none and this is because the agricultural revolution didn’t take place until ten thousand years ago. Naturally, ten thousand years sounds like an immense period of time; however, this is nothing in terms of human evolution. Here is an example of how quickly time passes:

A football pitch measuring one hundred yards long represents the time humans have spent on earth.
Our ancestors covered ninety-nine percent of the length of the pitch. They survived without eating grain.
So, the remaining one percent of the length of the pitch represents the time grain has been a part of the human diet.

People who eat processed food such as cake, bread, and pizza and Twinkies are at risk of contracting modern-day diseases.

Starting the Paleo Diet

Lots of people read about the paleo diet and consider it a difficult or a restrictive eating plan. How will we live without bread and what will we order when eating at a restaurant? In reality, many modern restaurants cater for the health-conscious and the chefs are happy to adjust their menu accordingly. Order a hamburger without the bun, ask for no rice, but request an extra helping of broccoli. The staff will be more than happy to accommodate your wishes.

So, how do you begin the paleo diet? It is advisable to take one step at a time. Enjoy one grain-free meal per week and step it up gradually. Make your next burger a grass-fed beef burger and adjust to the paleo diet slowly. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you eat a slice of pizza or a bagel, just aim to get back on track straightaway.

Final Thoughts on the Paleo Diet

The majority of people want to adopt a healthy eating plan that makes them feel good. Your well-being depends on the food you eat, but willpower plays an important part in any healthy eating regime. The health benefits of the paleo diet are clear and the healthy eating plan allows you to eat a wealth of delicious and nutritious food. Is the paleo diet worth trying? True believers of this unique diet claim modern man should eat whole unprocessed foods for optimal health and the affordable diet plan is considered low in sodium. It is also interesting to note the paleo diet is one of the most popular diets of the year. Unwanted weight is the only thing you stand to lose, so try the paleo diet to build muscle and attain the best shape of your life.

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